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Northern Kentucky Dental Assistants Society   Local Component of American Dental Assistants Association    Join us for our Annual Continuing Education Program!  Saturday, November 6, 2021 

******************************* Continuing Education**********

Northern Kentucky Dental Assistants Society Continuing Education program for all dental professionals seeking 4 continuing education credits: November 5, 2022


KDAA 2022 Annual Session French Lick, Indiana  August 26 and 27: Business meeting and Education: Visit often for updates!


ADAA Fourth District (KY, TN, NC, SC) is offering superb continuing education!  Fall, 2022: To Be Announced!    Visit the District page for information!

Come to our meetings!

Non-member dental assistants are invited and encouraged to attend our monthly continuing education program for a minimal CE fee of 10.00 per credit hour....please contact us prior to the monthly meeting if you are interested in attending.

Contact information: email: vannkdas06@gmail.com  Enter "monthly meeting" in the subject line if you are inquiring a reply to your email on interest in our meeting.  It is advised to contact us or visit our website for any updates on rescheduling our business meetings due to inclement weather-especially our winter meetings.


****************Our Next NKDAS Business Meeting:

Business Meeting: Executive Board: TBD

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*************************Archive Meetings:



NKDAS Executive Board:


NKDAS 2021 Winter Continuing Education/Business Meeting: to be determined


Members: any questions?  need more information?  email: nkdas06@yahoo.com